Mattias the Narraturge

narraturgy. n. The working of stories; storycraft; intentional shaping and interweaving of narrative into all works and disciplines.

narraturge. n. A practitioner of narraturgy.

Now more than ever in the modern crisis of too-much-information, story is our life-blood. It is story that calls a coherent symphony up from the sea of noise; story that compels a thousand aimless wanderers to move together in a single direction; story that keeps our cherished traditions from unraveling. All of us are storytellers.

A well-crafted story carries great power. A story can put your ideas on the map. A story can seal a deal. A story can bring hearts together.

As a narraturge, or storyworker, my role is to take your passions and experiences and connect the dots to reveal the story that always wanted to come out. This could include:

I also perform narraturgy of the heart. Sometimes, the person who most needs to hear your story is you.

Visit this link for a creative conversation about how narraturgy can bring out the best in what you do. Alternatively, check out my book to learn more about the power of storycraft.

Mattias the Software Developer

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I work as a Cloud Application Engineer at Ioka Technologies. Our clients are small and medium-sized businesses. We serve them by modernizing their infrastructure, migrating complex systems to cloud-native, and standardizing and extending their codebase around tried-and-true principles of encapsulation, automation, and readability.

Ioka is keen to deliver results for new clients. Our ideal clients are poised for growth and looking for a structural intervention to clear away obstacles like legacy code, mismatched or obscure systems, or tedious manual processes. Get in touch with me at Ioka if you think you might know a match.

I also write for Ioka: The Four Factors of Cloud-Native Growth.

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