Talk narraturgy with Mattias

narraturgy. n. The working of stories; storycraft; intentional shaping and interweaving of narrative into all works and disciplines.

narraturge. n. A practitioner of narraturgy.

You are here for narraturgy, also known as storywork.

By using the form below, you can sign up for an opening conversation where we will find out together what storywork can do for you.

At the top of the form you will see some options as to the genre of work you are looking for. If you were brought here by a vague urge telling you that you need more story in your life, leave that as the default option and we will find our direction creatively.

If you want ideation, structure, or editing help for a specific project—be it existing or latent, written or spoken—choose fiction or non-fiction according to the nature of the project and tell me about it in the input field.

If your interest lies in the storywork of self-reflection—making sense of your life, finding arcs and through-lines, drawing the bow in imagination that launches you into a creative future—sign up for self-authoring.

Finally, you might be looking for a blend of self-reflection and speaking out. How to tell your story to others? What to say in response to the question “tell me about yourself”? The more you know about yourself, the more hints you can give to those who you want to know you in the ways that truly matter. If that’s what you want, sign up for testimony.

I look forward to knowing more about you.