How to Do Things With Stories

A Guide to Transformative Storycraft

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Transformative storycraft is about crafting narrative in a way that compels the audience to ask questions that, over time, have transformative impacts.

Learning transformative storycraft will give you a new understanding of storytelling. It will show you how to build creative projects with the final message in mind, honing it around that intended impact to become more effective and memorable. It will also help you make art with no final message: art whose only purpose is to deepen the communion between writer and audience on the mysteries of living.

Are you thinking about how to apply the ideas of this book to a story of your own, whether fictional or otherwise? I may be able to help you directly. Read more here.

Praise for How to Do Things With Stories

Andreas and I have started reading your book over the weekend and we are thoroughly enjoying it. We are reading at a leisurely pace as each half page has sparked engaging discussions that last for over 30 minutes. We have learned so much from your book! Already using the principles to help with our writing. Thanks for writing and sharing this!Ireti Fakinlede