About Mattias

Mattias in his natural element
Too idiosyncratic to be eclectic.

Vital statistics

Year of birth: 1992.

Upbringing: born in Saskatchewan, raised in Yukon, learned to eat sushi in Vancouver, BC.

Languages: English, some German (Meine Mutter ist aus Staufen).

Favourite programming language: Typescript, the worst one apart from the rest that have been tried.

Interests: somatic therapy, parts therapy, fractal microcosm theories of the universe (“as above, so below”), handicap principle, Goodhart’s Law, processual philosophy, metamodernism.


Correspond with me at mattias@mattiasinspace.com. I love getting to know new people and I am available for podcast appearances too!

My sigil

The evergence sigil. It combines an eye, a ring, and a tree.

The icon for this website is my personal sigil, designed by Meg Daniels based on an original design by Kitty Martens.

The branching trees of the sigil represent the ever-splitting descendants of the initial birth of the cosmos: first clouds of gas, dust, galaxies, stars; then life and the evolutionary tree; then the lineage of humanity; then myself, represented in the image as the lens at the end of one of the branches.

The elliptical iris or lens is situated at the farthest extent of a growing tree of existence. The arc that traces through and beyond it represents my own perception and self-understanding. By experiencing myself I change myself. By experiencing the vast emergent complexity in the world I enrich my own experience and my own past.

Taken together, the eye, the arc, and the tree represent the process of evergence: a continual turning inside-out as the self looks inward and sees the cosmos, or beholds the cosmos and sees itself.